Arguably the best Patio in Abilene, Texas with preferred motorcycle parking in the back to show off your ride.

It boasts three different seating areas, all with a different outdoor vibe to entertain all. Firehouse Patio has its own outside bar where you can place orders for the Grill inside.

Since the Patio is outside, smoking is allowed. However, you can rarely tell due to the great airflow, leaving you with a great environment to enjoy.

This area offers a jukebox with surround sound speakers to rock out to the music you want to hear. When it comes to live music, just walk into the Grill and experience the newest, hottest live music venue Abilene has to offer.
In order to listen to the weekend's live bands, you must pay the cover charge. If you just want to chill on the patio, you don't have to pay.

Note: you must pay cover charge to listen to the band. You can not hear them in the patio.


What we offer:
Full bar, ability to order food from the Grill, motorcycle parking, a jukebox, smoking, and surround sound.

No reason to sit at home alone. Come hang out with friends for lunch, dinner, or just a great environment and drinks with old and new friends you will meet. Why are you not here yet?